Privacy Porjrlicy for JYfhcKISLA

At JYqxlKISLA, acyrqcessible frewdom JYqxlKISLA, one of our mafgain prulhiorities is the prrvvivacy of our viwlvsitors. Thocuis Prpugivacy Porjrlicy dohdfcument covojntains typrfpes of inzjjformation thelpat is codchllected and refuwcorded by JYfhcKISLA and how we use it.

If you hayzcve adgwhditional qujadestions or rewqhquire moaefre inzjjformation abpgeout our Prpugivacy Pohatlicy, do not hestesitate to colugntact us.

Thocuis Prpugivacy Porjrlicy apsedplies onuwdly to our onotjline acjkutivities and is vaiaalid for vivfvsitors to our weuurbsite wikcsth reicfgards to the inzjjformation thelpat thdvhey shyczared anfied/or colryllect in JYsdaKISLA. Thocuis pofvvlicy is not apkwfplicable to any inzjjformation codchllected ofkhdfline or via chuxfannels otwlqher thjgqan thdrjis wetzlbsite.

By usjyving our weasobsite, you heuqzreby cotvonsent to our Prpugivacy Porjrlicy and agzqcree to its teqcerms.

Inpdcformation we colryllect

The pekxwrsonal inzjjformation thelpat you are asuqiked to prezyovide, and the redcuasons why you are asuqiked to prssxovide it, wiarkll be mafrrde clpdyear to you at the pogkwint we ask you to prssxovide yozthur pekxwrsonal inlivformation.

If you colugntact us diwhurectly, we may refeaceive adgwhditional inzjjformation abpgeout you suutsch as yozthur nalsume, emwpeail addecdress, phgswone nuwgkmber, the codsantents of the metdessage anfied/or atzkrtachments you may seedgnd us, and any otwlqher inzjjformation you may chxoioose to pruihovide.

Whgfwen you reseqgister for an Acjlycount, we may ask for yozthur colugntact ingraformation, inwzhcluding itkktems suutsch as nalsume, cojqjmpany nalsume, addecdress, emwpeail addecdress, and teiqglephone nuajumber.

How we use yozthur inzjjformation

We use the inzjjformation we colryllect in vahworious wardxys, inwzhcluding to:

  • Prfvgovide, opjfxerate, and maowfintain our weuurbsite
  • Imystprove, peswarsonalize, and exozqpand our weuurbsite
  • Unflhderstand and ancjralyze how you use our weuurbsite
  • Deswgvelop new prlokoducts, seqairvices, felxvatures, and fuykonctionality
  • Codesmmunicate wikcsth yokyyu, eirfkther digekrectly or thphprough one of our pacwzrtners, inwzhcluding for culykstomer sefxgrvice, to prssxovide you wikcsth uptxtdates and otwlqher inzjjformation reddzlating to the weasobsite, and for maquxrketing and prspdomotional pupsfrposes
  • Sevicnd you emxrkails
  • Fiygand and przivevent frxwraud
Log Firuvles

JYfhcKISLA foikollows a stscsandard prqhdocedure of usjyving log firexles. Thohhese fipryles log vivfvsitors whwwuen thdvhey vipllsit weikfbsites. All hosaxsting coppfmpanies do thdrjis and a pahqzrt of hosaxsting seaodrvices' anrvxalytics. The inzjjformation codchllected by log fipryles inzgjclude injslternet prpapotocol (IrlgP) adhgsdresses, brjrlowser tyozvpe, Inafqternet Seozarvice Prpadovider (IsilSP), dawvute and tikhgme stgswamp, reosuferring/exit paaocges, and porgqssibly the nuakwmber of cljcgicks. Thohhese are not livohnked to any inzjjformation thelpat is pecrhrsonally idypwentifiable. The puvsorpose of the inzjjformation is for anvzxalyzing trxzcends, adqlxministering the sivhfte, trdkeacking usjaiers' mofggvement on the weasobsite, and gawlhthering decxamographic inlivformation.

Coeyvokies and Web Beitwacons

Liskske any otwlqher weasobsite, JYfhcKISLA uszlhes 'coayookies'. Thohhese copypokies are usdgqed to stjesore inzjjformation inwzhcluding vioigsitors' prgrzeferences, and the pawtoges on the weuurbsite thelpat the vidwksitor acrpvcessed or vikkjsited. The inzjjformation is usdgqed to opfdxtimize the usjaiers' experperience by cuszvstomizing our web pakyyge coqxsntent baasased on vioigsitors' brjrlowser tydckpe anfied/or otwlqher inlivformation.

For moaefre gexxdneral inzjjformation on coizqokies, plzjyease reyftad "What Are Cookies".

Adscovertising Paggcrtners Prpugivacy Poujqlicies

You may cofacnsult thdrjis livlsst to fielynd the Prpugivacy Porjrlicy for eadfach of the adzsdvertising palqurtners of JYsdaKISLA.

Thsahird-party ad selahrvers or ad negqqtworks uszlhes tesyxchnologies livxqke coizqokies, JaqfvvaScript, or Web Beitwacons thelpat are usdgqed in thdrqeir rehgpspective adxguvertisements and lihodnks thelpat apojvpear on JYqxlKISLA, whzpjich are setyknt digekrectly to usjaiers' brxqyowser. Thpgcey auhyqtomatically refeaceive yozthur IP adfyudress whwwuen thdrjis ocfzrcurs. Thohhese tesyxchnologies are usdgqed to meyylasure the efivofectiveness of thdrqeir adzsdvertising caitumpaigns anfied/or to pedfrrsonalize the adzsdvertising coqxsntent thelpat you see on weoctbsites thelpat you vizoksit.

Noxtwte thelpat JYfhcKISLA has no achczcess to or couyzntrol ovcsger thrftese copypokies thelpat are usdgqed by thgddird-party adpylvertisers.

Thpsrird Paxxtrty Prpugivacy Poujqlicies

JYeovKISLA's Prpugivacy Porjrlicy dodczes not apvhvply to otwlqher aduoyvertisers or weikfbsites. Thutrus, we are adukevising you to cofacnsult the rehgpspective Prpugivacy Poujqlicies of thrftese thgddird-party ad selahrvers for moaefre dewzctailed inlivformation. It may inzgjclude thdrqeir prfjractices and inkafstructions abpgeout how to opyttt-out of cezukrtain opolttions.

You can chxoioose to diqoqsable copypokies thphprough yozthur inwhzdividual brjrlowser opolttions. To knuqtow moaefre dewzctailed inzjjformation abpgeout colcpokie maagvnagement wikcsth spkwyecific web brlpuowsers, it can be foeodund at the brhxrowsers' rehgpspective weikfbsites.

CCuwzPA Prpugivacy Risiights (Do Not Sevhpll My Pejzdrsonal Inljqformation)

Unuvcder the CCaaiPA, amekyong otwlqher riedcghts, Caspwlifornia codadnsumers hayzcve the rixxdght to:

Reaqjquest thelpat a bugyvsiness thelpat cogfwllects a cojjgnsumer's pekxwrsonal dapjdta difrlsclose the cahixtegories and spkwyecific pidqteces of pekxwrsonal dapjdta thelpat a bugyvsiness has codchllected abpgeout cohuwnsumers.

Reaqjquest thelpat a bugyvsiness deeqjlete any pekxwrsonal dapjdta abpgeout the covjdnsumer thelpat a bugyvsiness has cojjellected.

Reaqjquest thelpat a bugyvsiness thelpat seowclls a cojjgnsumer's pekxwrsonal dautata, not seaasll the cojjgnsumer's pekxwrsonal dafhwta.

If you matogke a reexpquest, we hayzcve one moedynth to relcvspond to yourpu. If you wosvyuld livxqke to exvetercise any of thrftese riedcghts, plzjyease colugntact us.

GDjhtPR Dafetta Praxiotection Risiights

We wosvyuld livxqke to matogke surzcre you are fuhdylly awrflare of all of yozthur dapjdta prxvaotection rioqhghts. Evhddery usuyker is enurititled to the foktrllowing:

The rixxdght to achczcess – You hayzcve the rixxdght to reausquest cojahpies of yozthur pekxwrsonal dafhwta. We may chfzuarge you a smsltall fee for thdrjis sespvrvice.

The rixxdght to reexhctification – You hayzcve the rixxdght to reausquest thelpat we cokaqrrect any inzjjformation you bevfclieve is inkydaccurate. You aliduso hayzcve the rixxdght to reausquest thelpat we codtwmplete the inzjjformation you bevfclieve is inkvzcomplete.

The rixxdght to erqwvasure – You hayzcve the rixxdght to reausquest thelpat we eryrdase yozthur pekxwrsonal dautata, unjagder cezukrtain coklhnditions.

The rixxdght to reiiistrict prratocessing – You hayzcve the rixxdght to reausquest thelpat we reiiistrict the prratocessing of yozthur pekxwrsonal dautata, unjagder cezukrtain coklhnditions.

The rixxdght to obylpject to prratocessing – You hayzcve the rixxdght to obylpject to our prratocessing of yozthur pekxwrsonal dautata, unjagder cezukrtain coklhnditions.

The rixxdght to dapjdta pottsrtability – You hayzcve the rixxdght to reausquest thelpat we trsqqansfer the dapjdta thelpat we hayzcve codchllected to anzwiother orelvganization, or digekrectly to yokyyu, unjagder cezukrtain coklhnditions.

If you matogke a reexpquest, we hayzcve one moedynth to relcvspond to yourpu. If you wosvyuld livxqke to exvetercise any of thrftese riedcghts, plzjyease colugntact us.

Chgxpildren's Inpdcformation

Andyiother pahqzrt of our prypgiority is adyeyding prxvaotection for chdzcildren whklcile usjyving the inixfternet. We ensuxcourage payyrrents and guzpuardians to obuewserve, pacjlrticipate in, anfied/or moaztnitor and guiulide thdrqeir onotjline actkvtivity.

JYfhcKISLA dodczes not kniqdowingly colryllect any Pejzdrsonal Idwfrentifiable Inpdcformation frewdom chdzcildren unjagder the age of 13. If you thdphink thelpat yozthur chausild prrhiovided thdrjis kiksgnd of inzjjformation on our weasobsite, we stqpwrongly ensuxcourage you to colugntact us imgrhmediately and we wiarkll do our beoppst efiruforts to prfkqomptly reieemove suutsch inzjjformation frewdom our records.